Matthes Report: Seattle

Matthes brings some honesty.

Matthes brings some honesty.

Three rounds left in the Monster Energy Supercross series over here and things are all tied up! Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac and Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey are duking it out for the 450SX crown, duking it out for whether electric start and hydraulic clutches are good or not and what energy drink is the best. There’s a lot at stake here!

When it comes to the 250SX class, even though Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger won in Seattle, I like Kawasaki’s Justin Hill to take this title with an 18-point lead with two races left. Hill’s been very good and it’s a shame that TLD KTM’s Shane McElrath had that bike issue in Dallas otherwise things would’ve been much tighter.

Kawasaki’s Joey Savatgy has got a decent grip on the 250SX East series with two races left too, but one thing to remember people is that the final round in Las Vegas is a combined East/West round so the chance for wild swings in points is there. The dry, slick Vegas track is also pretty unique (although Hill rides that stuff well) so things have a chance to get real nutty at Vegas. A massively fast and deep field is also going to be much harder to work though if one of the contenders gets a bad start.

All three classes are going to be right down to the wire in 2017. What a season!

After the most recent supercross in Seattle, I got a bunch of quotes from a bunch of different riders about their seasons and the race itself. Although they told me a bunch of things, what they actually meant was something completely different. It’s another edition of what they actually meant!

Chad Reed

What did he say? “I want to tell you that it’s been a difficult week, but it hasn’t. I didn’t care about it. It was a non-issue for me. The issue was my lack of speed and feeling and just I didn’t feel good all last weekend and finished 16th place. I’m not happy there. So, for me, it was head down and try to make that better. But I don’t accept the penalty at all. I would like to make a stance and try to do something."

What did he mean? “I dealt with this penalty from the FIM all week long and it was a pain in the ass."

What did he say? “We were parked indoors last weekend, so none of the satellites worked so I was kind of oblivious to be honest. I didn’t know he (Dungey) made those comments."

What did he mean? “Yeah, I saw those comments and f**k him."

What did he say? “I believe that there needs to be situations that don’t need to be made calls so fast. I believe there needs to be a race panel. MotoGP, Formula 1, motocross. If you want to get out and get into a better scenario, let’s start doing things right. Let’s act professional. I don’t think we’re there."

What did he mean? “We’re a clown show and this ruling shows everyone just that."

Cooper Webb

What did he say? “That’s what I’ve been learning all year is setup, how to ride a 450 and just adapting to everything. On a night like tonight it definitely brings out your bike, your fitness and your mental side of things and everything."

What did he mean? “Yeah, my bike sucked at the start of the year but I’m figuring it out now."

Marvin Musquin

What did he say? “I thought about it, but right before we went out there some of the officials told us that everybody was qualified actually. So they said, ‘don’t panic if you have a bike problem or something, you don’t do a lap, then you qualify for tonight.’ So it kind of relieves the pressure a little bit, but anyway it’s good to have a good gate pick for the heat. But definitely I thought about it before."

What did he mean? “I know I won a race this year, but for some reason I wasn’t sure if I could qualify for the night show."

What did he say? “I want KTM to win the championship. That’s normal. Me and Ryan, we’re really close. We train together. Right now I’m not able to fight for the championship anymore, so I’m just trying to win. Obviously if Ryan’s behind me and faster than me I’m not going to try everything to hold him. That’s normal."

What did he mean? “If Ryan’s on me, I’m grabbing the brakes so fast I gotta be careful to not go over the bars."

Words: Steve Matthes | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media

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